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What Is Oral-Conscious Sedation Dentistry?

Patients who have feared going to the dentist in the past often find that visiting Made Ya Smile Dental is an entirely different experience. Our caring and friendly team takes a gentle and conservative approach to all we do, placing your comfort as our primary priority. But to help you feel even more comfortable and relaxed when receiving dental care, general dentist Dr. Peter Nishino offers oral-conscious sedation. With this type of sedation dentistry, you take an anti-anxiety medication prescribed by Dr. Nishino an hour before you are scheduled to see us. This "twilight sedation" will work to make you feel relaxed and at ease but still able to respond to our instructions. Oral-conscious sedation can be tailored for mild to moderate effects and may be a great option if you have been avoiding dental care or are fearful about receiving treatment. Let our Friendswood, TX team help you get the smile you want and enjoy a positive dental experience.

Is Oral-Conscious Sedation Right for Me?

Dental fear and anxiety can stem from a wide range of factors. While some patients had less than positive dental visits as a child, others need more complex care or simply do not enjoy a trip to the dentist. Regardless of what your personal feelings or treatment needs may be, Made Ya Smile Dental wants to help you overcome your fears and actually enjoy improving your oral health through dental treatments. Dr. Nishino will talk with you about your dental experiences and any concerns over treatment that you may have. To learn if oral sedation may be a good option for you, he will review your medical history and comprehensively evaluate your dental needs. There are several types of anti-anxiety mediations that are used for oral-conscious sedation. Some deliver mild effects that induce a calm and even drowsy feel while others will allow you to fall asleep yet still technically remain conscious and able to interact with our team. Oral-conscious sedation is not a good option if you have an allergy to benzodiazepines, have respiratory or cardiac concerns, or are pregnant.

How Does Oral-Conscious Sedation Work?

Oral-conscious sedation may be ideal for helping you feel relaxed and at ease when receiving many types of dental procedures. If you decide to use oral-conscious sedation for your care, Dr. Nishino will call in a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication to your pharmacy. He will tailor the dosage of your medication to provide minimal to moderate sedative effects based on your individual needs, general health, type of treatment being performed, and level of dental fear. Your sedative medication should be taken about an hour before your visit to give it time to take effect. To ensure your overall comfort, Dr. Nishino may also use a local anesthetic to numb your mouth before beginning your treatment.

Oral-conscious sedation does impair your ability to drive and operate heavy machinery so you will need to have an adult drive you to and from your appointment. The sedative medication may leave you calm and slightly drowsy or you may fall asleep during your visit, depending on the dosage and type of medication given. Even if you do happen to fall asleep, our team should still be able to wake you up rather easily. Depending on the strength of your sedative, you may remember very little about your dental procedure.

What to Expect After Oral Sedation

At Made Ya Smile Dental, we want you to receive the best quality care for your smile in the most comfortable way possible. During your consultation, Dr. Nishino will talk with you about oral-conscious sedation to let you know of any potential side effects, how you will feel during and after your procedure, and what to generally expect from the experience. An adult must drive you to and from your appointment and should stay with you at home until you no longer feel the sedative effects, which may take several hours to wear off. Since you will likely feel drowsy the remainder of the day, you may wish to take the day off and simply rest after your dental appointment. Anti-anxiety medications may cause side effects, like headaches, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting. To help minimize feeling nauseous or vomiting, you can eat a small amount before your visit and about an hour after you leave. However, you should wait to eat until any anesthetic that was used has completely worn off. Please contact us right away if you have any issues, concerns, questions, or side effects that do not diminish.

Does Insurance Cover Sedation Dentistry?

Dr. Nishino and our team want you to feel completely comfortable and at ease when getting the care you need for your smile. Our staff will contact your dental insurance provider to learn if oral-conscious sedation is a covered benefit for your care. To help you cover any personal costs for your treatment, Made Ya Smile Dental offers a range of convenient payment options, including interest-free financing solutions. Talk to our team today about ways to make your treatment even more affordable.

Calm Dental Fear and Anxiety

Made Ya Smile Dental is a place where you and your family can come to enjoy positive and comfortable dental experiences. Even if you have been avoiding the dentist for some time or feel very nervous every time you need treatment, you can overcome your fears with sedation dentistry. Dr. Nishino offers oral-conscious sedation to help you receive treatment for a brilliant smile without having to worry or feel anxious. Whether you need simple routine procedures or more extensive services, we invite you to contact our Friendswood, TX practice to learn more about your sedation options.

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