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What Is Scaling and Root Planing?

Helping all patients improve their oral health and enjoy a vibrant, beautiful smile is a passion of ours. But if gum (periodontal) disease is keeping you from a healthy grin, our team of practiced professionals is ready to help. Gum disease is caused by harmful oral bacteria that breaks down the gums and jawbone that support our teeth and oral function. Treating as early as possible can help to minimize the potential damage that can occur to your smile. Gum disease that has developed beyond the initial stage of gingivitis may be effectively treated with a nonsurgical procedure called scaling and root planing (SRP) therapy.

General dentist Dr. Peter Nishino may recommend SRP to stop the gum disease from progressing in your mouth and save your smile from further damage. Using advanced ultrasonic and scaling instruments, our skilled team performs SRP by removing the plaque and tartar that harbor bacteria from your teeth below the gum level. This smooths the root surfaces and creates an environment in which the gums can heal and minimize the spaces between the teeth (periodontal pockets) where these disease-causing bacteria linger. If you notice alarming symptoms, such as bleeding or tender gums and bad breath, gum disease may be affecting your jawbone and gums. Get in touch with Made Ya Smile Dental in Friendswood, TX now to schedule your consultation and learn if scaling and root planing can help your oral health.

What Are the Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing?

At Made Ya Smile in Friendswood, TX scaling and root planing is a vital dental procedure that not only combats periodontal disease but also nurtures better dental health. The advantages include:

  • Eliminates tartar and brightens the appearance of the enamel
  • Directly combats periodontal problems by taking off built-up plaque and tartar
  • Can help decrease tooth sensitivity to hot and cold products
  • Can address halitosis triggered by periodontitis
  • Helps defend against periodontal difficulties, like heart disease and diabetes
  • Helps avert tooth loss and jawbone decay
  • Lowers the possibility of periodontal disease progression

When Is Scaling and Root Planing Needed?

Root scraping, as SRP is sometimes known, is often ideal for treating periodontitis and minimizing the damage to gum and bone tissue that results from the progression of gum disease. Dr. Nishino and our Made Ya Smile Dental team will assess your bone and gum condition through advanced digital x-rays and periodontal pockets (spaces between the teeth and gums). When bone loss is evident on the x-rays, and periodontal pocket readings measure higher than 3mm, gum disease is affecting your smile. At this stage, Dr. Nishino may recommend scaling and root planing, and possibly even locally delivered antibiotics to help control your infection. Gum disease can affect one or more areas in the mouth. Your periodontal treatment for gum disease will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Treating gum disease early on can help keep it from advancing to the point where there is no longer enough bone to support your teeth, and tooth loss occurs.

You may be a candidate for scaling and root planing to treat periodontitis if you have any of the following indications:

• Red, bleeding, or puffy gums
• Receding gums
• Oral malodor or a bad taste
• Pus between teeth and gums
• Loose teeth
• Bone loss
• Periodontal pockets over 3mm

What Can I Expect With Scaling and Root Planing?

Having scaling and root planing therapy performed by our Friendswood, TX team shortly after your gum disease diagnosis can work to minimize the advancement of the condition and loss of bone tissue. SRP is typically performed in quadrants or sections of your mouth. Your individual procedure may take place over 1 – 4 visits, depending on the severity of your condition and the amount of tartar buildup you have. To prepare your mouth for SRP, we will gently numb your gums to keep you comfortable throughout your visit. One of our talented hygienists will perform your care by thoroughly removing plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth and smooth the root surfaces with special ultrasonic and hand scaling instruments. Once your periodontal pockets are flushed of any loose debris, we may place localized antibiotics beneath the gums to minimize bacterial growth in treatment areas.

Recovery After Scaling and Root Planing Therapy

At the end of your scaling and root planing visit, we will give you instructions on how to take care of your mouth as you heal. Our hygienists will be sure to review the most effective techniques to use when brushing and flossing to minimize the accumulation of plaque and tartar. It is best to avoid eating anything if you received local anesthetics until the feeling totally returns to your soft tissues. After having SRP, it is common for the gums to be a little tender and the teeth to feel sensitive. Instructions on how to manage these symptoms will be provided by our caring team.

SRP works to eliminate plaque and tartar from beneath the gums in areas where bacteria live and thrive. Removing these deposits provides a smooth and healthy surface with which your gums can heal and form a connection once again. SRP can minimize the depths of your periodontal pockets, but to keep these areas in top shape, it is very important to brush and floss thoroughly each day. We may also recommend other home care tools to use to make your efforts even more effective. To help maintain your gum health and manage bacterial growth, Dr. Nishino may recommend a periodontal maintenance program following the completion of your gum disease treatment.

Is Scaling and Root Planing Covered by Insurance?

If you carry dental insurance, our business team will be happy to check your coverage limits for scaling and root planing therapy and file your insurance claims for you. Made Ya Smile Dental in Friendswood, TX also takes a wide range of easy payment methods to cover any personal costs for your care and help you get the treatment you need. For information on interest-free financing or other flexible payment options, talk to our knowledgeable staff today.

Scaling and Root Planing FAQ

Does scaling and root planing hurt?
Scaling and root planing generally occurs through a series of appointments. During these appointments, we will typically use a local anesthetic to keep you at ease and comfortable during your treatment. You may experience some pain at home; however, in the few days following your appointment(s).

What not to do after scaling teeth?
There are a few things that you should not do after your scaling and root planing treatments. This is imperative for the proper healing of your mouth and your overall oral wellness. It's important that you do not use any tobacco products for at least three days after your treatment. We also urge you to avoid spicy foods and alcohol until you completely heal. Additionally, even if your symptoms have improved, you should not stop taking the antibiotics we provide.

What can you eat after scaling and root planning?
After your scaling and root planing in Friendswood, TX, you'll want to adhere to a soft food diet during the healing process. This can include foods like smoothies, ice cream, yogurt, apple sauce, soup, mashed potatoes, and more.

Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment

When gum disease affects your smile and dental health, turn to an experienced team that always puts your comfort and care first. Made Ya Smile Dental offers skilled, personalized periodontitis treatment with nonsurgical scaling and root planing to arrest the infection and keep it from causing further risk to your smile. Symptoms, like bleeding gums, receding gums, and chronic bad breath, may signal gum problems and should be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible. If you're looking for periodontal scaling and root planing near you, contact our Friendswood, TX location to schedule a consultation.

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