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What Is Periodontal Treatment?

We understand what getting the quality care you need for a healthy smile means to your family. Made Ya Smile Dental is pleased to offer treatment for gum (periodontal) disease, a common condition that affects the lives and dental health of many Friendswood, TX patients. Gum disease is a progressive oral health condition that is caused by destructive bacteria that live within the plaque that forms on your teeth and gums. These bacteria emit a toxin that can cause the deterioration of the jawbone and gum tissues that your teeth rely on for solid support. Bone loss caused by gum disease could lead to loose teeth and tooth extractions if the condition goes untreated for too long. Keeping up with good care for your teeth at home is important to maintaining gum health. However, gum disease does still affect some patients and must be treated and controlled with professional dental care.

A major factor in the development of gum disease is a substance called biofilm. This sticky layer is made of plaque, bacteria, and food particles and coats the teeth and gums to provide an environment where harmful bacteria can thrive and cause damage to your smile. We use advanced instrumentation techniques when performing gum disease treatments that disrupt the biofilm layer and effectively removes plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) from deep below the gumline. To treat the various stages of gum disease, general dentist Dr. Peter Nishino can determine whether your condition can best be treated with a nonsurgical or surgical approach to care.

While some patients do notice bleeding, inflammation, and additional signs of gum disease in their mouth, others may have the condition yet be completely unaware. We encourage you to get in touch with our Made Ya Smile Dental team today to schedule a visit if you notice any indication of gum disease or to schedule your periodontal health screening. Early diagnosis and treatment for gum disease can minimize the damage to your smile and help preserve your oral health.

Who Is a Candidate for Gum Disease Treatment?

Gum disease often causes symptoms, like bleeding when flossing or brushing, red or inflamed gums, tender gums, and bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth. More advanced signs and symptoms include gum recession, tooth sensitivity, bone loss, and teeth that seem to shift or feel loose. During each of your check-up visits here at Made Ya Smile Dental, Dr. Nishino and our team routinely evaluate for gum disease. Though the condition is a serious concern for the smile, gum disease has also been connected to several systemic health problems, such as heart disease and stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and respiratory illnesses.

While a large number of patients have periodontal problems, not all are fully aware that gum disease may be affecting their mouths. Any sign, symptom, or indication of gum disease should be evaluated as soon as possible. Even though bleeding gums are extremely common, this is never a normal occurrence and should always be evaluated for gum disease or another condition. Getting the professional care you need for gum disease as early as possible offers the best results for the long-term health of your smile.

What Is the Gum Disease Treatment Process?

As a full-service practice, Made Ya Smile Dental offers treatments to address the gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis stages of gum disease. During your periodontal evaluation, Dr. Nishino will assess the extent of your active infection and bone loss and determine the type of approach that may be best suited to bring health back to your smile. Gingivitis may be treated with thorough and more frequent dental cleanings along with improved brushing and flossing techniques at home. Dr. Nishino may recommend nonsurgical scaling and root planing and locally delivered antibiotics to treat periodontitis while surgical care from a periodontal specialist may be needed to help patients whose smiles are affected by advanced periodontitis.

We use the latest in advanced technology to assess and plan for the optimal treatment outcomes for you and your family. To better evaluate your unique treatment needs and condition, we will take digital x-rays and 3D cone beam scans of the jaw to gather detailed information about any loss of bone. Periodontal measurement of the spaces between your teeth and gums (pockets) will also be performed as this is where disease-causing bacteria hide and cause the gums to pull away from the teeth. Dr. Nishino will use the information from your x-rays and images along with your periodontal readings to determine if gum disease is present and diagnose the condition. Gum disease treatments will be customized to meet your oral health needs and help you overcome the effects of periodontal infection.

What Can I Expect After Periodontal Care?

Once your gum disease treatment is complete, you will be given instructions on how to care for your teeth and gums as you heal. Each type of gum disease treatment carries its own set of recovery instructions, but keeping a clean oral environment with effective brushing and flossing each day is the best way to help your tissues heal and become healthy once again. The use of tobacco products can impede your healing and does increase the risk of developing oral cancer. To help you enjoy the best possible results for your smile, we encourage to stop using any tobacco products as soon as possible.

A healthy oral environment is the key to maintaining your periodontal health and minimizing the chance of a recurring periodontal infection. Gum disease is a condition that cannot be cured, but it can be maintained. When you have gum disease, regular dental prophylaxis every six months is not enough to help manage your oral health. Dr. Nishino and our team offer periodontal maintenance care, which consists of in-depth cleanings, evaluation of gum pockets and bone health, and retreatment of any new active infection areas. During these visits, scheduled every 3 – 4 months, we will also provide dental exams and x-rays as needed to monitor the general health of your smile.

Does Insurance Cover Gum Disease Treatment?

Gum disease treatment may be covered in part by dental insurance. To learn all about your specific plan and coverage, a member of our administrative staff will get in touch with your insurance provider. Made Ya Smile Dental accepts most major PPO dental plans and will be delighted to file your family's insurance claims on your behalf. Treating gum disease is important to your smile, dental health, and overall wellness. We want all Friendswood, TX patients to be able to get quality care when they need it and take a wide range of payments and partner with CareCredit® to bring easy financing solutions to you and your loved ones.

Periodontal Treatments FAQ

Is there anything I should know before my gum disease treatment?
Before undergoing periodontal disease treatment, our team will thoroughly review your medical history. We recommend bringing a list of medications you are currently taking to your consultation. If we haven't already spoken to your insurance company, it is important to reach out to them so you know what to expect in terms of out-of-pocket costs.

How long does it take to notice the results of my periodontal treatment?
Generally speaking, most patients will begin to see results within 2 – 3 weeks if our aftercare instructions are followed closely.

Are periodontal treatments painful?
Though patients may experience some discomfort, such as when treating periodontal pockets, periodontal treatments are typically pain-free. It is normal for your gums to be swollen or sore, but this will dissipate after a day or two.

Gingivitis and Periodontitis Treatments

Getting the professional care you need when gum disease is affecting your smile can serve your health and general well-being over the long-run. Dr. Nishino and our Made Ya Smile Dental team are ready to offer personalized care for treating gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. When gum disease goes untreated, you may experience further bone loss, gum recession, and even tooth loss, and may be at risk for other health conditions. Schedule your gum disease screening and learn about your options for periodontal treatment by scheduling your visit with our caring Friendswood, TX dental team as soon as possible.

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