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What Are Athletic Mouth Guards?

Staying active and participating in sporting activities is a fun and great way to keep your family healthy. At Made Ya Smile Dental, we know that sports are a significant part of our patients' lives and want to help you and your loved ones protect your smiles from damage that often occurs during physical activity. Dr. Peter Nishino and our team often see oral injuries resulting from an impact to the face or jaw that occurs from a wide range of sports, including football, wrestling, basketball, and hockey, along with several others. Even non-impact sports, like running and yoga, can place stress and strain on the jaw and teeth.

To protect your family's beautiful smiles from injury and damage, Dr. Nishino offers custom athletic mouth guards. These appliances are personalized for each patient to fit comfortably between the upper and lower arches to protect teeth and gums when playing sports. Even a minor bump or minimal impact can result in damage to your smile. Let us help you keep your family's oral health and great shape through the protection of a custom athletic mouth guard. Schedule your consultation at our Friendswood, TX family dental practice today.

What Are the Benefits of Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards play an important role in protecting a person's oral health during high-intensity sports. Below are several of the primary advantages of mouth guards at our Friendswood, TX dental clinic:

  • Safeguarding your smile from future damage
  • Helping to prevent oral soft tissue harm
  • Diminishing the chance of jaw damage
  • Lessening the likelihood of a head injury
  • Potentially further athletic skill by allowing better communication and breathing
  • Made to ensure a good fit

Who Is a Candidate for Athletic Mouth Guards?

Protect your family's oral health with custom athletic mouth guards when engaging in any type of active or passive sport, including basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, martial arts, lacrosse, hockey, boxing, weight lifting, yoga, and track and field. When worn during sports, custom athletic mouth guards can protect the teeth and gums and minimize the risk of damage. Partnering with an experienced general dentist for this type of appliance offers a better, more comfortable fit than typically experienced with boil-and-bite mouth guards available at sporting goods stores or drugstores. Dr. Nishino customizes mouth guards to fit each individual patient and to cover the teeth and gums fully for the highest level of protection.

Professional mouth guards are recommended for children, teens, and adults who play sports on a regular basis or even causally and are especially advantageous for patients who have crowns, veneers, or other restorations on the front teeth or who wear braces. Without the protection of a mouth guard, any type of trauma to the mouth and face can damage the teeth, gums, and jaw. Made of soft acrylic material, mouth guards absorb the impact and help minimize oral damage when the mouth or face suffers blunt force trauma. Even a minor bump to the mouth can leave behind a damaged smile.

How Are Sports Mouth Guards Made?

Dr. Nishino and our team want to help you protect your family's teeth, gums, and smiles in the best possible way. To have a sports mouth guard customized for you or a family member, we invite to schedule a consultation at our Friendswood, TX practice. Dr. Nishino will examine your teeth, ask you about your sports activity, and help you decide on the type of guard best suited to your needs. Our team will take oral impressions of your teeth for our lab to use in creating your custom athletic mouth guard. You can even opt to further personalize your appliance and have it made in your team's colors or a single color of your choice. After a week or two, we will schedule you to visit our office and try in your new appliance. Dr. Nishino will check to make sure it fits your mouth securely but comfortably. Instructions on how to best care for your mouth guard will be reviewed by our team during your appointment.

How Can I Care for My Mouth Guard Appliance?

Choosing to have custom mouth protectors for sports made to protect your family's smiles is an excellent way to preserve oral health, general comfort, and appearance. Accidents and injuries to the mouth are a frequent occurrence among Friendswood, TX patients who engage in sports. By wearing a custom mouth guard when playing any type of sport, you and your loved ones can minimize the risk of broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, oral lacerations, and the need for more extensive dental care. Caring for your athletic mouth guard as recommended by our team can help ensure it protects your smile for many years to come. We suggest that you bring it with you when you visit our office for your routine dental exams and cleanings so that Dr. Nishino can evaluate its fit to ensure it prevents oral injuries in the best possible way. Children may outgrow their mouth guard and need to have a new appliance made to protect their teeth during sports as their jaw develops.

Are Mouth Guards Covered by Insurance?

Some dental insurance plans may offer coverage toward athletic mouth guard appliances. Before we take your family's impressions, a member of our staff will contact your insurance provider to review your coverage details. At Made Ya Smile Dental in Friendswood, TX, we feel very strongly about helping all patients protect their smiles against injuries during sports and will work with you to help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget. Our practice accepts a range of flexible payment options and financing plans through CareCredit® to help make dental care for your family even more affordable.

Custom Mouth Guards for Sports

Sports are a fun and important part of a healthy lifestyle. Help protect your family's oral health with custom athletic mouth guards. Children, teens, and adults can all benefit from wearing a protective appliance, which can minimize the risk of broken or knocked-out teeth, injury to the gums, and damage to restorations. Learn more about how to prevent oral injuries during sports by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Nishino at Made Ya Smile Dental in Friendswood, TX.

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