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What is Fluoride Treatment?

Tooth decay is a common dental problem among patients of all ages. When decay-causing bacteria consume the sugars from foods we eat, an acid is produced that continually attacks the enamel surfaces of our teeth. To help strengthen teeth and reduce the incidence of decay among Friendswood, TX patients, Made Ya Smile Dental is pleased to offer fluoride treatments during exam and cleaning visits. Fluoride treatments are a preventive service our team provides to help protect your family's teeth from developing tooth decay. Fluoride is an element that is naturally present in the soil, water, and certain foods. It is also added to over-the-counter toothpaste and rinses, as well as to the public water system in some municipalities.

Several medical organizations, including the American Dental Association, the World Health Organization, and the American Medical Association, have reported on the positive effects of fluoride on tooth structure and its ability to remineralize tooth enamel. General dentist Dr. Peter Nishino also supports these reports and may recommend in-office fluoride treatments or supplements for at-home use to help protect your family's smiles against cavities. Children, teens, and adults may all benefit from fluoride use, especially children whose teeth are developing and patients that are at a higher risk for tooth decay. To learn if fluoride treatment for cavity prevention should be part of your family's dental care, get in touch with our friendly team today.

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment at Made Ya Smile provides a number of advantages for oral health, providing a valuable supplement to routine oral treatment. A few of these benefits include:

  • Stronger tooth enamel: Can help repair weakened enamel and prevent more damage
  • Boosts long-term oral health: Fluoride treatment works alongside routine brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings to preserve prime dental wellness and avert dental problems
  • Suited for any age: Helpful for patients of all ages, from children to adults
  • Cavity protection: Might help ensure teeth are more resistant to decay and cavities
  • Could help minimize tooth sensitivity: Fluoride treatment could alleviate tooth sensitivity, which is predominantly triggered by exposed dentin or receding gums

Who is a Candidate for Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments, along with good oral hygiene habits and routine care, can help protect your family's teeth against cavity formation. While patients of all ages can be good candidates for in-office fluoride treatments, younger patients tend to be at a higher risk for tooth decay. Dr. Nishino may recommend fluoride treatments for kids during each of their routine dental cleaning and exam visits to protect the tooth enamel. Teens and adults who are at a higher risk of decay, such as those who have already had cavities, who have water without fluoride, or who wear braces, may also be likely candidates for fluoride. While decay can affect tooth enamel, it can also be harmful to root surfaces that become exposed when the gum tissues recede. Patients who do not drink city or fluoridated water may also benefit from fluoride use.

Dr. Nishino may recommend the use of in-office or supplement fluoride to help protect healthy teeth against cavities and also to remineralize (strengthen) very early areas of tooth decay. Fluoride use can help reduce the need for further treatment with fillings, crowns, and other restorations, along with the added expense of requiring this type of restorative care. Our Friendswood, TX family dental center may apply fluoride to the teeth in a gel, foam, or varnish form and a range of flavors. To further protect the teeth of patients at a higher risk, Dr. Nishino may prescribe fluoride supplements or prescription-strength toothpaste for use at home.

How is Fluoride Treatment Performed?

Fluoride treatments are customized to each individual patient's oral health needs and preventive care plan. Our Friendswood, TX team may apply topical fluoride to the teeth once or twice each year during your family's cleaning and checkup visits with our Made Ya Smile Dental team. When your cleaning is complete, your fluoride will be applied to your teeth through either a gel, foam, or varnish. The gel and foam fluorides are placed in trays that are held in the mouth for about 1 – 4 minutes. Painted onto the teeth, fluoride varnish is a faster process and is carried into the grooves and in between teeth through your own saliva. Any excess fluoride will be suctioned out of your mouth, and follow-up information for the type of fluoride used will then be provided.

What to Expect After Fluoride Treatment

If you receive a gel or foam fluoride treatment in our office, you should avoid eating, drinking, or rinsing your mouth for about 30 minutes to give the fluoride a chance to be absorbed by your tooth enamel. Patients who receive fluoride varnish should not eat any sticky, hard, or crunchy foods for several hours after the application. Since swallowing fluoride can be harmful in patients and causes stomach upset along with other concerns, Dr. Nishino recommends that you supervise the use of any fluoride product (prescription or over-the-counter) in children very closely. Made Ya Smile Dental is proud to be your partner in dental health and offers fluoride as a preventive measure to reduce the incidence of tooth decay. The results of fluoride work best, however, when combined with good brushing and flossing techniques each day at home, along with routine dental cleaning and exam visits with our Friendswood, TX team.

Will My Insurance Cover My Fluoride Treatment?

Most dental insurance plans cover fluoride treatments for children at a minimum of once per year up to a certain age. For more information on whether fluoride is covered for adult and teen patients, we will get in touch with your insurance provider and review your benefits schedule. Made Ya Smile Dental wants all patients in Friendswood, TX to get the quality care needed for a healthy smile and offers an in-house savings plan for those who do not carry dental insurance. Our caring team is always willing to help you find a solution that meets both your needs and budget. Talk to our team today about our convenient payment options to help your family enjoy optimal oral health.

Fluoride Treatment FAQ

How will fluoride protect teeth?
Fluoride has a mineral in it that helps strengthen tooth enamel. Stronger enamel tends to prevent cavities. This is why we suggest our Friendswood, TX patients receive fluoride varnish during their teeth cleanings.

When should a child start using fluoride toothpaste?
We recommend that children age three and up use fluoride paste.

How much of a difference does fluoride make in protecting you against tooth decay?
Fluoride gel has been proven to decrease the amount of tooth decay in the mouth. It can help prevent trips to the dentist and keep the teeth healthier longer by working as a protective barrier.

Fluoride Dental Treatment

At Made Ya Smile Dental in Friendswood, TX, we do everything we can to preserve the health and wellness of every patient. Fluoride treatments are a simple yet effective way to strengthen the tooth enamel of kids and help teens and adults who may be more prone to tooth decay minimize their risk. Fluoride use can also help solidify early areas of decay and prevent the need for fillings or other types of tooth restorations. Dr. Nishino and our team look forward to helping you and your family protect your smiles against decay and welcome you to contact our team for more information on the benefits of fluoride treatments.

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