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What Is a Dental Cleaning?

Brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly each day is certainly a critical aspect of keeping your smile healthy and happy. But a good at-home care routine is only part of what is needed to maintain your teeth and gums. Routine dental cleanings with our Made Ya Smile Dental team can help you and your loved ones keep your smiles looking and feeling their best. We use specially designed instruments and ultrasonic techniques to gently clean your teeth while also protecting the integrity of your tooth structure. General dentist Dr. Peter Nishino may recommend dental cleanings on a twice-yearly basis to remove plaque, tartar, and stain from your teeth and give you a fresh, clean, and healthy smile.

During your biannual prophylaxis visits, we also evaluate your teeth and gum health to check for any areas of concern. Our team will personalize your oral hygiene instructions to help you make the most of your daily care at home. Partnering with our skilled hygiene team for preventive and routine dental care can go a long way in keeping your smile in the best possible shape. To reserve dental cleanings for you and your family, contact our Friendswood, TX dental practice today.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Cleanings?

Biannual dental cleanings offer a host of benefits to Friendswood, TX patients. Some of the oral health benefits patients can experience with routine professional cleanings include:

  • Enhancement of comprehensive dental health and aesthetic
  • Protecting against problems such as cavities or separate concerns before they advance
  • Tartar and plaque removal
  • Opportunity to select fluoride treatment to bolster and shield oral health
  • Polished teeth for a brilliant smile

Who Should Have a Dental Cleaning?

Dr. Nishino recommends that children, teens, and adults have their teeth professionally cleaned at least twice each year and more frequently in certain situations. Dental cleanings routinely remove plaque, tartar, and stain buildup from the teeth and freshen breath while enhancing the look of your smile. But dental cleanings also do more than create a more appealing grin. Certain types of disease-causing bacteria reside in the plaque and tartar that accumulate on your teeth. By removing these deposits frequently, we help minimize the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Keeping up with your family's dental cleanings as recommended by our experienced team may also help to decrease the need for future and more expensive dental care down the road.

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that all patients have their teeth cleaned professionally at a minimum of two times each year. If gum disease or other conditions are present, Dr. Nishino may recommend a more frequent schedule of dental cleanings to better manage oral health. Children should visit the dentist for the first time before their first birthday. At the end your child's first visit, Dr. Nishino will be sure to let you know how often they should be seen for routine care.

What Happens During Dental Cleanings?

At Made Ya Smile Dental, our skilled dental hygienists use a gentle touch and strive to make each dental cleaning positive, pleasant, and even enjoyable. Plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) deposits are removed from the teeth to create smooth, clean surface through therapeutic ultrasonic techniques and hand scaling instruments. Our team will also polish surface stains away to create a brighter and healthier smile. At the end of dental cleaning visits, our Friendswood, TX team may administer fluoride treatment to help prevent cavity formation and strengthen the teeth. Fluoride is usually recommended for children but may also be beneficial for teens and adults who are prone to developing tooth decay.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

Though dental cleanings are recommended for all patients at least biannually, Dr. Nishino will let you know if you may benefit from more frequent cleanings. Patients who have been diagnosed with and treated for gum disease usually need cleanings at shorter intervals to manage the growth of harmful bacteria. During your dental cleaning visits, our hygienists will screen for gum disease and let you know if any areas of concern require treatment or greater attention at home. We will also personalize your home care instructions and may suggest additional hygiene products to help keep your teeth, gum, and smile in the best possible shape. Your next cleaning appointment can also be scheduled at that time to make certain you get in on a day and time that works best for your family's schedule.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Cleanings?

Since professional dental cleanings are a preventive procedure, they are typically covered by most dental insurances at least twice per year. Our business team will be sure to review your benefits schedule to be sure. To help all patients have access to quality care, Made Ya Smile Dental offers in-house dental savings plans to Friendswood, TX patients who do not carry dental insurance. Our practice also accepts a range of convenient payment options to help your family cover the cost of dental care and achieve the healthy smiles you deserve.

Dental Cleanings FAQ

What foods should I avoid after a teeth cleaning?
Following your teeth cleanings, we recommend avoiding spicy, acidic, or heavily seasoned food for the remainder of the day due to any sensitivity or mild irritation you may be experiencing. Our team will discuss with you why these foods should be avoided and what you can consume without worry.

How long does it take to receive a dental cleaning?
Typically, dental cleaning can be performed in about an hour or an hour and a half. Cleanings may take longer if more extensive cleaning is needed.

What happens if I don’t get my teeth cleaned?
Without regular cleanings for tartar and plaque removal, you could develop issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, tooth discoloration, and even lost teeth. Dental cleanings effectively eliminate the harmful bacteria that accumulate on the teeth and in the mouth, which can be difficult to remove by yourself at home.

Protect Your Smile With Preventive Care

A clean, bright smile not only enhances your appearance, but it can also provide a supportive foundation for your general health and well-being. Our team of talented and experienced dental hygienists uses gentle skill and technique to provide thorough and personalized dental cleanings for patients of all ages. Keeping up with dental cleanings as recommended by Dr. Nishino may help your family avoid decay, disease, and the need for more extensive types of dental treatment. Get in touch with Made Ya Smile Dental in Friendswood, TX right away to schedule your family's dental cleaning appointments.

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