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Provided that you've ever rescheduled a dental cleaning due to your anxiety over going to the dentist, you need to understand that you're not the only one. Individuals of several ages possess dental worries. In order to alleviate the fear you might have prior to and throughout an oral operation or a regular appointment, Made Ya Smile Friendswood, TX provides a range of sedation solutions. At our Friendswood, TX office, our staff will give sedation options that are wonderful for patients of several ages and wellness standings.

Before getting sedation, you will need to attend a consultation at our Friendswood, TX office to learn which method of sedation is the most safe for you. You should tell us about your dental history, current problems, known allergies, and what medications you are taking (like medications prescribed by a doctor or non-prescription vitamins and supplements). It's essential to be open with your dentist to avoid negative reactions.

Our staff in Friendswood, TX can use three primary methods of dental sedation dentistry services. These include:

  • Intravenous (IV) sedation: Based on the type and strength of medication used, IV sedation may range from mild to strong. IV sedation administers the proper substance right into your blood, which means this is generally a fast-acting sedation solution. Intravenous sedation is used most often for longer operations (such as dental implants or tooth removal).
  • Oral-conscious medication: Occasionally called oral sedation dentistry, oral-conscious medication utilizes anxiety medications to be taken before your visit to help you stay calm. Based on your level of anxiety, as well as the treatment you're getting, your dentist will supply you with the most fitting kind of medication and amount. Oral-conscious sedation will let you stay conscious but relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes, individuals might drift into a light sleep, but they may be gently brought back to as soon as their appointment is done.
  • N2O sedation: Typically referred to as "laughing gas," N2O gas is great for people of all ages to prompt relaxation. Nitrous oxide sedation is used to ease stress during biannual appointments or more intense procedures, like SRP or cavity fillings. Dissimilar to different types of sedation, the level of nitrous oxide gas can be managed throughout the procedure as needed.

Coming to following sedation dentistry can be quick and easy or take a little longer, which varies by the sort of sedation utilized. Our dentist will go over the things you may expect and any restrictions you might have to adhere to. Your healing period may also vary based on the form of treatment you had. For instance, a dental cleaning probably won't slow your recovery, but treatments such as oral surgery will take longer.

At Made Ya Smile Friendswood, TX, our team of dentists assess individuals to see if they are eligible to have sedation options. Our team will explain what you can expect every step of the process to help you feel comfortable and ready. Our goal is to make sure your visits are a positive experience so you can attend biannual cleanings and oral health exams without worrying. Contact our office in Friendswood, TX to come in for a visit and get more information about dental sedation.

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