Treat Your Bruxism With Customized Night Guards

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The hardest part of living with bruxism is that teeth grinding often happens without you knowing what you are doing. The grinding you experience while asleep can wear your teeth and cause jaw and tooth pain during the day. It’s not easy to control this habit, as you might not consciously know you are grinding your teeth. At Made Ya Smile of Friendswood, TX, our highly skilled dentists can help you protect your teeth with customized night guards.

How does a night guard work?

A customized night guard can fit over your teeth at night. You can place your guard over your teeth before sleeping to protect them from the effects of bruxism.

We can create a night guard by producing an impression of your teeth. The impression helps determine the shape of the guard, ensuring it fits well over the teeth.

The guard features a hard acrylic material that secures itself over your teeth without being rough. You can try it at our office in Friendswood before determining if it fits your needs. We can make adjustments to your guard as necessary.

You’ll wear the guard over your teeth while asleep to create a barrier that keeps your teeth from grinding. The design protects the teeth from further harm, plus it ensures your jaw muscles stay intact without experiencing excess wear or fatigue.

How do you maintain your night guard?

Our experts at Made Ya Smile in Friendswood, TX want you to ensure your night guard stays intact. You’ll need to clean your guard after each use to ensure it stays comfortable and that it doesn’t contain more bacteria than your teeth can manage. You can also store your guard in a plastic container to keep it safe when not in use. We can provide you with a suitable container.

We also recommend you bring your guard to us twice a year for cleaning. The guard can be cleaned alongside your teeth during a routine dental cleaning visit.

Your guard will last for years when you maintain it well. But you can also request our help at Made Ya Smile if you notice any problems with your guard and how it fits.

Keep the effects of bruxism under control

You never need to worry about bruxism when you use your night guard well. You can prevent many issues surrounding bruxism with a customized night guard.

You can relieve jaw pain and tenderness by keeping your jaw in one position with your guard. The lack of movement at night ensures the range of motion in your jaw will stay intact during the daytime. You also won’t feel any annoying popping sounds when you open and close your jaw.

You will not experience consistent headaches when you wear your guard correctly. You won’t feel tooth pain either, as the guard will keep the teeth from touching each other at night.

Contact us today to learn more about how our customized night guards can help your bruxism

Bruxism will not be a problem when you use our customized night guards to help protect your teeth and jaw. The dental team at Made Ya Smile of Friendswood, TX can produce quality dental appliances that will keep your teeth safe while preventing the pains that come with bruxism. You can visit us online to schedule a visit with us to see how we can work for you.

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