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One of the most common problems our patients at Made Ya Smile of Friendswood, TX have with their teeth is that they aren’t as white as they wish they could be. Over time, our teeth will develop stains for many reasons like dietary issues, medication use, and even some hereditary conditions.

Fortunately, we have a solution to yellow and stained teeth. When you schedule an appointment for a professional teeth whitening service with us at Made Ya Smile, we are proud to offer either an in-office laser teeth whitening procedure or an at-home treatment for your convenience.

Here’s a more in-depth look into how each procedure works.

Laser teeth whitening

Professional laser teeth whitening is an innovative procedure that combines a dental laser with prescription-strength whitening gel necessary for dislodging the toughest of stains. Our dentists are highly trained in the Zoom procedure to produce positive whitening results for your smile.

The Zoom! whitening systems from Philips, which uses a laser light that releases the peroxide from a prescription-strength hydrogen peroxide solution that will enter the enamel and lift years of stains from your teeth, producing a cleaner look you will love.

The laser-based procedure produces strong results, but proper safety is also necessary for ensuring it supports your teeth. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Friendswood, TX will use the appropriate protective materials to keep your gums and other parts of your mouth secure while we apply the laser treatment.

Home teeth whitening

We also provide a home teeth whitening service at Made Ya Smile that uses dental trays that you can apply over your teeth. Our dental team will prepare a system by first completing a scan of your smile to determine how we’ll shape the trays. You’ll then receive the trays and a prescription-strength hydrogen peroxide solution.

You’ll insert the hydrogen peroxide into the trays and wear them to allow the peroxide to enter the enamel and remove stains. We’ll provide instructions on how to get the peroxide compound ready while preventing harm to your gums.

The home teeth whitening procedure provides quality results that are better than what you’d get from an over-the-counter solution. The hydrogen peroxide compound we provide contains a higher concentration of peroxide, producing immediate results.

The whitening trays you’ll use will also help the peroxide compound enter your teeth well, plus you’ll have an easier time protecting your gums with these trays. The trays will be shaped to fit your teeth, meaning they won’t slip out.

Contact us today for the very best in professional teeth whitening in Friendswood, TX

You can trust our dentists at Made Ya Smile when looking for a teeth whitening procedure that fits your life. The specific procedure you can choose will help you protect your smile and remove stains, but be sure when finding a treatment that you know what works for you. Our experts at Made Ya Smile of Friendswood, TX are here to help you with all of your dental needs, so reach out to our website to schedule a visit to learn more.

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