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If you are seeking practical techniques to enhance the appearance of your smile, teeth brightening is an excellent option. If you're seeking corrective dentistry services in Friendswood, TX, our team at Made Ya Smile Friendswood, TX can check your teeth and offer an expert opinion. We offer both medical-strength and take-home teeth lightening alternatives for men and women. Obtaining a lighter and whiter smile is easy with the help of our professional teeth bleaching services.

How often should I whiten my smile?

Essentially, this will range by each patient. Our dentists generally suggest one professionally administered teeth whitening session each year with subsequent at-home bleaching treatments in throughout the year. Regardless, every patient will be on a personalized treatment plan based on their current dental wellness and the brightness of their enamel. During a smile makeover appointment, our professional dental practitioner can supply further specifics concerning your dental wellness.

Is teeth bleaching safe for your enamel?

Teeth whitening is generally safe, according to the American Dental Association. At Made Ya Smile Friendswood, TX, many patients at our Friendswood, TX practice have found numerous benefits of using teeth whitening. Individuals should achieve visible results with our professional-grade teeth bleaching service. Your unique whitening plan can differ depending on your objectives for your teeth, which we will go over when you come in for your teeth bleaching consultation. While home-based teeth brightening is proven and effective, it isn't as powerful as our medical-grade teeth lightening treatment, which brightens your teeth by as far as eight tones in just an hour.

Top teeth whitening options

Made Ya Smile Friendswood, TX performs two different types of teeth whitening treatments, including:

  • Take-home teeth bleaching: This teeth whitening system is taken home. We provide you with a prescription-strength teeth whitening kit with custom oral trays. To help you to obtain the brighter smile you want, you will be supplied with a hydrogen peroxide gel based on your current exterior tooth shade. Our team will give in-depth information to ensure you get excellent outcomes.
  • Professional-strength teeth bleaching: We perform Zoom! WhiteSpeed teeth whitening at our Friendswood, TX location. In just one visit, we can whiten your teeth by up to eight tones. During your treatment, our dentist is careful to shield the gum tissues so that they don't get damaged during the treatment. After that, a peroxide-containing gel is coated on the teeth, which works by using our specialized curing lamp. This process is readministered in 15-minute sessions. Dentist-performed teeth bleaching gives much sooner results compared to an at-home teeth whitening method.

How to keep my teeth white and healthy

Sustaining your dazzling smile isn’t difficult. Regular dental appointments, along with an effective oral hygiene routine, will help support healthy teeth and gums. In the event that you are consuming meals and drinks that typically stain the teeth, it's essential to wash your teeth and gums with water after you eat. Consuming liquids through a straw will typically prevent stains from occurring on the tooth surface, too.

Consequences of whitening teeth too frequently

When you whiten your teeth too often, you might have increased tooth sensitivity. For harsh instances, you may have inflamed or bleeding gum tissues as an adverse reaction to the bleaching solution, which includes peroxide. When someone whitens their teeth too much, they could also notice weakening of the tooth enamel, which might lead to painful nerve tissue damage.

Learn more about the top teeth whitening solutions in Friendswood, TX

Teeth bleaching is a cosmetic oral treatment used to restore a smile that is darkened or discolored. Our team at Made Ya Smile Friendswood, TX uses teeth bleaching to safely and effectively whiten the shade of an individual's present enamel. After a comprehensive oral exam, we can identify if teeth whitening is a recommended option for you. Any other needed dental procedures must be performed before teeth whitening. Through medical-grade teeth whitening, you can attain the smile you want. To discover more regarding smile makeover procedures, please reach out to our expert team in Friendswood, TX to book an appointment.

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